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The Folklore-ethnographic ensemble ‘Sazgen Sazy’ was founded in 1981 under the Republican Museum of Kazakh national folk instruments. From its start the primary goal of the ensemble’s activities was the promotion of the folk music, its members are constantly seeking new approaches and are working at the improvement of the ancient musical instruments. One of the distinguishing traits of the ensemble is that each musician is eloquently playing several musical instruments. The range of Kazakh national instruments is rather wide and includes such musical instruments like the sybyzghy, zhetyghen, sherter, saz syrnai and plenty of ancient forgotten instruments which have been recently renovated, among them there are the adyrna, sazghen, narkobyz and others.
The ‘Sazgen Sazy’s repertoire incorporates fascinating musical works composed by famous Kazakh musicians such as: Kurmangazy, Tatimbet, Sughur, the musicians of the ensemble are constantly enriching and improving their repertoire, and are ceaselessly searching for new creative ideas and exquisite artistic styles.
The Folklore-ethnographic ensemble ‘Sazgen Sazy’ has been widely recognized and appreciated by connoisseurs and genuine music lovers. The ensemble musicians have been successfully touring abroad and brilliantly performed in Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Korea, Holland, Italy, Spain, China, Austria, Greece and France.
The ensemble’s performing style is characterized by graceful artistic skills, harmony, professionalism, virtuosity and excellent knowledge of traditional particularities of playing musical folk instruments.
It is worth noting that the musicians of the ensemble while performing are dressed in fancy costumes embroidered by professional needlewomen, tailored in accordance with the sketch designs of the national traditions.

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